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This website uses cookies and this cookie policy (“Policy”) applies to all website visitors. The CTO LARSSON company is the controller, within the meaning of article 4.7 of the GDPR, (“Controller”) with regard to the collection or processing of personal data derived from the cookies in use on this website. For further information about our processing of personal data through cookies, please see our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text-based application that the website asks to save on your computer, tablet or unit. The main purpose of cookies is to analyse the website, improve your experience and ensure that all services on the website work as intended.

There are two different types of cookies that may be stored on your computer: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily when you visit a website and are deleted when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies are stored as a file on the computer during a period of time, until you or the server that sent them, deletes them.

Cookies may also be divided into first- and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are set by the website owner, and third-party cookies are set by a third party. Both first and third-party cookies are used on this website.

What cookies do we use?

Below we describe what cookies we use on this website. This includes information on the purposes for which we use cookies, the storage period, which party that has set the cookie and whether the information collected through the cookie is shared with any third parties.

The cookie table above is generated by the tool Cookie Script, a tool deployed by the Company to ensure the actual cookies are reflected, which can be challenging given the complexity of multiple service providers interacting.

Disclosure of data to third party: The information set by the cookie is shared back by the browser to the company that sets the respective cookie. The following disclosures of data to third parties are most notable from a privacy perspective: Google cookie data is shared with Google LLC. PayPal cookie data is shared with PayPal Holdings. Stripe cookie data is shared with Stripe Inc. Kajabi cookie data is shared with Kajabi Inc.

Manage your cookies

On our website, you can manage your cookie settings and choose what cookies you want to accept. The cookie settings are available in the pop-up box that appears the first time you visit our website or through the cookies link at the bottom of our website at any time, which leads to this page where you can adjust your settings. You are also able to adjust your cookie preferences in your web browser to block cookies.

Amendments to the Policy

We may make amendments to this Policy from time to time. The most recent version of the Policy is always available on our website.

Contact details

If you have any questions about our usage of cookies, please contact us via [email protected]


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